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Lavender Oil Benefits

Lavender Oil- BrownBoi The Grooming Club

Lavender Oil:

Antioxidant Protection , Wonderful Aroma, Know Various Use of Lavender Oil for Skin, Hair and Body . Lavender Oil is one of the Best Essential oils since 2500 years, 

1. Lavender Oil For Antioxidant Protection 

Lavender Oil Arguably the most dangerous and most common risk factor for every disease that affects Americans, free radicals (toxins, chemicals, pollutants, etc.) are responsible for shutting down your immune system and can cause unbelievable damage to your body.



2. Lavender Oil For Diabetes Treatment

Lavender Oil is Possibly the most exciting of all research concerning lavender came out in 2014. Scientists from Tunisia set out to complete a fascinating task: to test the effects of lavender essential oil on blood sugar to see if it can help diabetes.

3. It Improves Mood and Supports Brain

Lavender Eessentil Oil works pretty well in changing the mood and helps in mood swings.

It’s aroma is so soothing that it will make you relax and will bring a smile on your face and can easily be used as a relaxant.


4. Lavender Oil Heals Burns and Cuts

It is considered to be a miracle herbal Remedy in order to heals the burns and the cuts.

It works as an antibacterial remedy, and has anti micro bacterial properties.

Also, we have found that lavender oil speeds the healing of burns, cuts, scrapes and wounds and a big part of this is because of it’s anti-microbial properties.

*For burns or eczema, mix lavender oil with coconut oil in 1:5 ratio for rapid healing.

5. Lavender Oil Benefits Skin 

Most likely due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics, lavender essential mixed with aloe or coconut oil has profound benefits on your skin.


Just 10 drops per 1 ounce of aloe vera or oil will sooth the worst sunburn and bring rapid healing to dry skin, minor cuts and scraps.

Research has even proven its ability to speed recovery from canker sores and can prevent allergic reactions!

Want to reduce age spots?  Try mixing lavender oil with frankincense essential oil and put it on your skin first thing in the morning, right after you shower and right before bed.  Success stories of these two oils improving age and sunspots are numerous.

6. Lavender Oil for Headaches

There are millions of people around the world who struggle with both tension headaches and migraine heartaches who are searching for a natural alternative to drugs. According to new medical research, lavender oil may just be that natural cure they are looking for.


7. Lavender Oil for Sleep and Insomnia 

A study on college students found that using lavender oil improved the overall quality of sleep by 60%. This included length of sleep, time it took to fall asleep, restfulness and reduced symptoms of insomnia.


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Lavender Oil- BrownBoi The Grooming Club

Lavender Oil- BrownBoi The Grooming Club


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