Blemishes Removal Home Remedy BBZAF Rose Multani Mitti

Blemishes Removal Home Remedy BBZAF Rose Multani Mitti

Blemishes is one of the signs of Ageing,

Blemishes are those tiny dark patches,spots or the points which make your skin look dull. However they are different from Acne Marks. Acne marks can be faded over the time by its own or by using some anti acne gels or essential oils. Though blemishes are hard to get rid of.

You may have heard that many people go for Skin Treatments such as Laser, plastic Surgeries & all, but the results are not very satisfactory ,instead later they feel their skin is being more damaged than what they had in previously.

So Here I would tell you few Best Home made solutions using two miraculous Ancient Ayurveda ingredients Kashmir Saffron & Bulgarian Rose Oil .

Blemishes Removal Skin Oil:

Take 5 Drops of BBZAF or Kashmir Saffron Oil & 5 Drops of Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, Mix this in 20 Drops Of Natural Unrefined Cold Pressed BBGOLD Argan Jojoba or Almond Oil . Wash the face calmly & Gently( make sure you never do rub the face way too hard) . Apply the mixture in a circular way to the affected area i.e Blemishes. Leave it over night & Let the divine Mixture work.

2. Blemishes Treatment Serum:

Once again take 5 drops of each BBZAF Kashmir Saffron oil & Bulgarian Rose Essential oil ,this time Mix it up with 10 Drops of Lemon Juice ( as in contains Vitamin C) & Aloe Vera Gel ( Fresh taken from the home plant) .The Night serum is Ready to go . Apply this mixture for couple of days before going to bed. Leave it overnight.

3.Blemishes Control Face Mask:

This is my favourite thing & I prefer applying the masks whenever it comes to Facial Rejuvenation & Face care Beauty Regime.

Every one Knows that Freaking Amazing Ayurveda Stuff ” Multani Mitti” Aslo Known As Fuller’s Earth , Yeah So here we go ……

Soak 100 Grams Multani Mitti overnight, add 5 Drops of Each BBZAF & Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil , add some Aloe Vera Gel mix it up, apply it and leave it on face atleast for 30 minutes & Let it Dry.

It even helps in Bringing the Glow & Shine on the Face , helps covering the Blemishes Naturally & You wont need any Digital App Filter to hid them , Just Kidding 🙂 .

Precautions: Make Sure you do not Rub the blemishes affected area & if you are using a Derma Roller then Use it once in a week , as it might make the blemishes worsen.



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